Kube 2 Player is good for 32GB of music

by Mark R

I think we are now living in an age where buying an MP3 player like the iPod Classic is rather passe. After all, most of us have some sort of music player on our cell phone or other mobile devices.

Still the iPod nano still sells, and it just plays music. If you are in the market for buying something that just plays music, may I suggest the Kube 2?

As you can see, the Kube 2 is a tiny cube (one inch on all sides) with a headphone jack so you can hear your tunes. All music is stored on a microSD card, and they can store up to 32GB of audio.

As for the controls, a finger swipe allows the user to switch to the next or previous track. The volume can be controlled by placing a finger on top to raise it, and a finger on the bottom to lower it. As for the battery life, it is good for about 6 hours, I am going to assume that it charges via USB.

You should be about to get the Kube 2 for about $35.00. If you are looking for a way to customize it, then you can buy some stick-on skins for an additional $4.


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