FlipIt! Portable Power Strip


Frequent travelers know one thing – it makes perfect sense to be prepared, including making sure you have the right kind of electronic gear with you such as extensions and adapters. Just like how most hotel rooms look nice but lack in the power outlet department, the $19.99 FlipIt! Portable Power Strip ought to be able to solve whatever lack of power outlet issues you have. Not only does it act as a functional portable surge protector, it will also deliver a couple of USB charging ports, especially when you consider the number of devices these days that are juiced by USB.

Apart from that, there is also a trio of surge-protected outlets, delivering 612 Joules of surge protection, in addition to a $30,000 manufacturer’s warranty on devices, now how about that? You might want to put this on your “must bring” list of devices the next time you decide to take off on a business trip…

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