Rollerman really flies on concrete

You know how certain videos make their rounds on the Internet? For some reason, Rollerman is really getting the hits.
If you have any doubts why, then I suggest hitting the jump and watching it for yourself. I swear, it looks like Superman, if he could only fly a few inches off the ground.
This is possible because the suit has rollers similar to the ones on rollerblades on the front, the back, the shoulders, the arms, and more. This allows for all kinds of extreme speeds (up to 70 mph), in many positions.
This is probably one of those videos that should have the “don’t try this at home” label. Honestly, I feel like donning his roller suit and trying this. I can’t help but wonder how one trains to use this suit. When I was skiing, there were the “bunny slopes”, but I’m not certain what the Rollerman equivalent of that would be.
By the way, Rollerman’s alter-ego is Jean-Yves Blondeau. Although he doesn’t use his roller suit to fight crime, he created his suit as part of his graduation project in Paris. He can be booked for private engagements, and has appeared in the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man.


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  1. This has been done before like early 90’s
    He was called the Mantis or something like that… Still cool though.

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