Samsung CES 2012 trailer teases possible Android-controlled TVs

by Mark R

Samsung loves to tease us with videos of what’s coming. Some of you might remember that video of the transparent tablet, but the video after the jump has technology that Samsung actually will produce. (Not that they aren’t ever going to produce a transparent tablet, but I don’t see that invisible marvel coming anytime in 2012.)

As you can see, the video is pretty vague as far as what is actually coming to CES from the electronics giant, but it would appear that it is “what’s next”. From what it looks like, it could be an Android controlled TV that uses a smartphone or a tablet.

On a related note, Sony has recently announced what is coming from their company for CES 2012. They are sending e-vites for the marriage of television and the Internet, and it looks like they are eloping, Vegas style. Perhaps this is an Internet connected TV like no other.

So, are Internet and mobile connected televisions going to be the “big thing” of CES 2012, like Android tablets were at CES 2011? Well, I’m going to Vegas in January, so I’ll check it out for myself. I think that both Sony and Samsung have invited me to their conferences, and perhaps now would be a good time to RSVP.


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