LG to unveil IPS monitor range at CES 2012

LG Electronics, or LG for short, has stepped forward to announce that they will be introducing their 2012 IPS monitor line-up at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next January. LG’s booth has always been very impressive, with plenty of super slim TVs lining up the walls, visually enticing anyone who walks by in the previous years when I attended CES. Well, I do expect to see even more impressive scenes in a couple of weeks’ time, where LG’s new IPS monitors are said to deliver consumers with the most optimal 3D viewing solution.
If you are in the market for an immersive 3D viewing experience at higher resolutions from wider viewing angles, then I am quite sure that LG executives and salespeople would swarm all over you, as you mull over whether to bring home the DM92, DM82 or DM52 series. Oh yeah, not to forget, there is also the issue of the D43 3D monitor for you to consider.

Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company says, “The quality and technological superiority of LG’s 3D display products are second to none, according to the findings of internationally renowned research organizations and respected media outlets. The 2011 IPS monitor line-up shows LG’s commitment to further build upon on this reputation and technological prowess in order to provide consumers with the most immersive home entertainment experience possible.”
The DM92 series will boast of a premium design that uses the slim bezel found in LG’s other technology, where this particular range sports a design-driven CINEMA SCREEN whose aesthetic superiority will be accompanied by the lustrous chrome stand. With 27″ of viewing goodness, you will be able to check out files on your computer, play games, or watch your TV shows and Korean dramas on this without missing a beat. Not only that, the DM92 series has also been specially optimized for you to enjoy exciting 3D content. The use of an IPS panel will see the DM92 series deliver greater depth, consistent color and brightness at wider viewing angles compared with conventional 3D displays.
Expect the new 2012 IPS monitor range to hit global markets from February next year onwards – hmmm, do you think that this could very well be a Valentine’s Day gift for geeks?
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