Super Bowl XLVI to be streamed live!

by Mark R

For the first time in history, the biggest game in the United States is going to be streamed live to computers and mobile devices.

Here is the catch. If you want to view the championship NFL game of the year on a mobile device, then you had better have a Verizon phone and access to the NFL Mobile app.

I suppose that we should have seen a streaming Superbowl coming, as NBC is already doing web streaming on Sunday Night broadcasts, and they happen to be the network that is televising the big game this year.

Yes, it looks like the stars have aligned to give football fans what they want, except there is one thing that the live stream won’t give you: the commercials. I find that very hard to believe, as advertisers pay millions of dollars for seconds of airtime. I wouldn’t be surprised if some ads got on there somehow, as Superbowl commercials are legendary.

If it ends up that you don’t get those award-winning Super Bowl commercials, then you might like the usual NBC streaming features with DVR controls, different camera angles, highlights, statistics, as well as other bonuses.

I’m sure that a lot of football fans are rejoicing right now, and I am sure that soon every major sporting event from the World Cup to the World Series.


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