Quneo Music Software/Hardware Pad Controller

What do an aspiring DJ, VJ, DIY hacker and electronic musicians have in common? Well, assuming this Kickstarter project actually takes off in a big way, then there you have the answer – the Quneo Music Software/Hardware Pad Controller. Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) recently announced that the QuNeo 3D Multi-Touch Controller will soon be the leading light for next generation music software and hardware controllers.
What makes the Quneo so special? Well, “3D Multi-Touch” technology translates to it being able to cater for pressure, velocity and location, swipes and pinching support. Pronounced kyoo-ne-oh, this controller will cover all the functionality of the rest, while introducing additional power of extra dimensions. The Quneo will bring to the table a cool 27 pads, sliders and rotary sensors with 3D Multi-Touch recognition for pressure, velocity, and location sensitivity, letting musicians play electronic sounds and alter their timbre (quality, brightness and volume) through the application of pressure. I suppose this would take some practice and getting used to before you know just the right amount of pressure to apply.

Compared to first generation devices, controlling music software and hardware were limited. You had very few choices, including hitting a pad, twisting a knob, or pushing a button in order to manipulate sounds and effects. KMI has put to bed all of these restrictions, thanks to an innovative next generation range of Multi-Touch controllers, where they are the SoftStep, 12 Step, and now Quneo. Quneo basically transforms musical intent into audio through physical control of 3D Multi-touch sensor technology.
Specially constructed with portability in mind, it will fit in iPad accessories and cases, ranging from clips, stands and more, thanks to the form factor which it comes in. This more or less saves you money in the long run as well for iPad owners, since your accessories and protective cases would do their job well to make sure they cling onto the Quneo just as good. There is a remarkable LED Light Feedback lumination scheme which will merge variably diffusive elastomers with 251 multi-color LEDs for visual feedback.
When can you get your hands on the Quneo? It will be available this coming March 2012, and has been slapped with a $200 pre-sale price tag.
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