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Annex Products has announced the rollout of its Quad Lock Case, which is touted to be the ultimate multipurpose mounting system for your precious iPhone. Just what is the Quad Lock Case capable of? For starters, this is touted to be a safe and easy mounting solution which is capable of mounting itself to just about any surface, ensuring that your iPhone remains in a convenient position regardless of either it being in a portrait or landscape mode, letting you view your favorite photos, enjoy movies and read news, hands-free.

The Quad Lock Case Mount comes in an ultra slim form factor, where it is made up of tough polycarbonate plastic in order to help protect your iPhone’s back during everyday use. You know what they say – the simpler something is, the more beautiful it becomes, and that is exactly the case (pun not intended) with the Quad Lock Case Mount. Featuring a built-in holder which enables it to snap securely on to any of the Quad Lock Mounts, you need not worry about your iPhone’s safety any more even though it might seem as though it is hanging precariously from some other place.

Chris Peters of Annex Products says, “Most car, wall, and bike mounts require you to remove your phone from your everyday case, insert it into another cradle system, and then remove it from the cradle and replace your case when you’re done. The alternatives are the hold-anything style cradles that fit nothing well. If you’re like us, you use your iPhone as a GPS while driving and boating, a trip computer while cycling, a list while shopping, a score card while golfing, an alarm clock while sleeping, a recipe book while cooking, a calendar while at the office and we even sometimes make a phone call. The Quad Lock makes all of these tasks easier by providing an easy-to-use mounting system that was designed specifically for the iPhone.”

Some of the mounts that are available include the ST Mount that was specially designed to be used under rigorous conditions such as cycling, the Pro Mount that will come with an additional level of security in the form of a spring locking collar that is pushed down to unlock the case. The Quad Lock will be available over at Kickstarter at the moment, where the Quad Lock Case and Mounting System comes in a range of different kits, and depending on your choice, it will be priced anywhere from $25 all the way to $80. I guess it really depends on your needs before you choose the right Quad Lock Case with a corresponding mount.

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