Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens


Everyone and their dog knows by now that the iPhone 4S’ built-in camera is one of the best in the business where smartphone cameras are concerned, and the iPhone 4 follows closely behind. Well, if that is the case, you might want to maximize the potential of your iPhone’s camera with this nifty little accessory, the $69.99 Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens. This is no ordinary fisheye lens, where it plays nice with the iPhone 4S and its predecessor, but is also a quick-connect lens system that will comprise of other lenses such as wide-angle and macro lenses, all crammed in a small and convenient package.

The Olloclip is a snap to use – all you need to do is slide it over your iPhone’s rear camera lens, and you’re good to go. The fisheye lens is good enough in capturing a nearly 180 degree field of view, while the wide angle lens is said to double the field of view there and then. Want to get up close and personal with a particular object? Not a problem, as the macro lens lets you focus the iPhone within 12mm-15mm of your subject.

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