Game Strap makes a standing commute more fun

I don’t live in a situation where I take the morning train to work, but I am sure that if I did, I might have trouble finding a seat. Then I will discover the world of one arm on the handle.
I would imagine that travel this way could be quite tedious. Since one hand has to be holding the strap at all times, it makes activities rather limited. Sure, I could be doing apps on my smartphone, but only if they are one-handed.
This means that I can’t play games on portable gaming stations like Nintendo and the PSP, but I can play on the Game Strap. The Game Strap is essentially a gaming platform for these holding straps, and it looks like a great way to pass away boring time.
This is a concept for now, and suggested games for playing would be shooting types, pinball, and what looks like Tetris. There are buttons on the side for the controls, and I wonder if tilting controls are an option. I wonder if this will ever be actually on a train or bus, and if people will be fighting over these Game Straps instead of shuffling for a seat.