Blade Preserving Knife Sharpener


The law of entropy sees wear and tear on the universe bringing things to an end, never mind that time seems to continue trolling on, laboring under the death of humans, animals, plants and star systems alike. Well, having said that, not everything is forever, except maybe for diamonds, but that is not what we are going to focus on today. No sir, we will be looking at the $149.95 Blade Preserving Knife Sharpener – which as its name suggests, is capable of prolonging the life of blades in your kitchen by removing the barest minimum of metal so that it can achieve a fine edge, ready for you to whip up a culinary adventure for this coming Christmas.

Other sharpeners are said to be different as they erode knives with aggressive grinding, but the interlocking ceramic wheels of this model will gently file a blade’s edge, ensuring it is preserved for additional years of use. This model is also a time saver, where it boasts of a single slot to make sure that both sides are sharpened simultaneously, where its ceramic wheels are suited for standard straight-edge knives and double-beveled Asian-style knives with angles smaller than 35º.

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