Philips 42” BDL4251VS 3D TV needs no glasses

Stereoscopic 3D is meant to set your living room alight in terms of delivering the next frontier in home entertainment, but there are still some of us who prefer something far more traditional, as going 3D means a larger investment for your visual equipment, not to mention not everyone is able to jive with it, as others tend to suffer from headaches or dizziness after being exposed to 3D material. Well, for those who do not fall under that category, you might want to check out what Philips has in store for you with their newest and latest auto-stereoscopic 3D model, the 42” BDL4251VS.
Specially developed in conjunction with Dimenco, this will deliver a glasses-free 3D viewing experience right in the comfort of your living room, where this 42″ display was meant to grab people’s attention right from the get go with the sharpest and most vivid 3D resolution touted in the market at press time. Using lenticular technology, the BDL4251VS is said to be capable of achieving its excellent quality of 3D images courtesy of its 28 lenticular views, letting you peek around objects, depending on the position of where you are standing relative to the display itself.

When you merge the above mentioned with the widest 3D viewing angle available in the market, you can be sure that your audience will be on the receiving end of enjoyable and memorable visual experiences. After all, with so many displays competing for your money and attention, this one from Philips truly stands out from the rest of the crowd, where it handles both 2D and 3D (2D+Z) images as well as videos, and it can even be flexible enough to be used as a digital signage tool if the need arises.
With an integrated Dimenco rendering core that will play nice with the Dimenco interface format (2D +Z), it will offer content creators and end users full control of the depth-effect characteristics of their 3D images, making it a real snap to develop your own stunning and eye-catching 3D content right out of the box. As for connectivity options, the BDL4251VS will not come up short, since it will feature a wide array to hook it up to, while the Smart Insert that is located on the rear panel will pave the way for simple integration of any Small Form Factor (SFF) PC without having to add to the overall depth of the display.
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