Constellation Projecting Ladybug Night Light


Kids do have their fear of the dark, and for some of them, they require some sort of night light to keep them comforted. Well, instead of getting your usual lamp, you might want to check out some other options that are on the market which might be closer to what your little one wants as a sleeping companion – like the $34.95 Constellation Projecting Ladybug Night Light, for instance.

This plush pink ladybug seems to be perpetually asleep, but when you turn it on, it is capable of projecting all seven constellations onto a ceiling, creating a tranquil sleeping environment for children (and perhaps, adults too, who knows?) It will feature an illuminated plastic shell that is further divided into seven sections, where these sections will boast of apertures that enable light to pass through when the red, blue, or green backlight is turned on.

Powered by a trio of AAA batteries, you might want to look into rechargeables in the long run.

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