Edifier does the Tick Tock dance

Edifier, a name that is synonymous with audio devices, has just announced the introduction of a trio of devices – the Tick Tock Dock, Tick Tock Bluetooth and Tick Tock SD/USB/FM Radio speaker systems. Coming in black, white and beige shades, Edifier’s collection of Tick Tock Alarm clocks will merge retro styling with modern features, in order to deliver versatile music playback options in the form factor of an easy-to-use alarm clock.
The Tick Tock collection will sport a half-round design that clearly rolls back the years, making it look like one of those classic alarm clocks from the 1960s, although you will not find them loud bells – as they are already replaced by 1.5″ omni-directional stereo speakers which will do their part in delivering expansive 360-degree sound from Tick Tock’s 7-watt speaker drivers.

All of the Tick Tock models will come with a large, bright, round LCD display that does what it is supposed to do – show off the time and date, not to mention alarm input selection. The alarm will emit an alarm tone if you prefer to take the road well traveled, or choose for it to play music from the FM, Dock, Bluetooth or AUX input. Not only that, you have a choice of 5 alarms and a sleep function, letting you wake up or fall asleep to your favorite tunes. The alarm, volume, track navigation, FM tuner and input selection controls are conveniently stashed at the top of the clock, while at the back of the Tick Tock clocks will sport a 3.5mm jack so that you can easily plug in an external audio source.
If you want to get into the specifics, the MF 240BT Tick Tock Bluetooth will plays music via Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth enabled device, as well as the FM Radio and AUX input, while the iF230 Tick Tock Dock plays music either from its FM radio, boasting a pivoting Apple Docking stage that will play nice with the iPod Touch and iPhone, or any MP3 device via the AUX input, and last but not least, the MF240 Tick Tock SD/USB/FM Radio which will play music either via its SD card reader, USB input, FM radio, or any MP3 device via the AUX input.
The Tick Tock Dock and Tick Tock Bluetooth will retail for $79.99 each, while the Tick Tock SD/USB/FM Radio is $10 more affordable.