SPAR Zephyr 300 Bluetooth Speaker

This tiny black box is the SPAR Zephyr 300 Bluetooth speakerphone, and it is designed to be a wireless speaker that is about the size (but not thickness of) a smartphone.
So if you are looking for a way to take the music off a Bluetooth compatible device and make it more…public, then this is one way. Just put a thick rectangle in both pockets.
Yes, Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen. I mean that their numbers are big and there are a lot of them, not that they are cheap. What makes the Zephyr 300 different is that it can also serve as a USB charger. Now you can be listening to tunes without headphones while your cellphone is charging.
I got a chance to try it out for myself, and the sound is quite good. As for the runtime, it is good for 12 hours of play, and I have no idea how long it would last while charging a mobile device. I’m sure that would drain it quite quickly.
As I write this post, the SPAR site appears to be down. I’m guessing that they are gearing up for big sales this holiday. The Zephyr 300 costs about $99.99, and should be available sometime before the middle of the month. If you want to pre-order, then I hope the link for the SPAR site will be back up by the time this posts.

4 thoughts on “SPAR Zephyr 300 Bluetooth Speaker”

  1. I ordered a Spar Zephyr 550 3 weeks ago, partially based on this review. The item listed as in stock, and shipment was garunteed before Christmas. They took my money, and have not shipped the unit or responded to my 3 subsequent emails asking (politely) for status. Their telephone number in Utah says they are too bust to take calls. Consider this place a scam – avoid them!

    • Sorry to hear about your experience, Brian. We did not have any contact with them, but just covered their device. Hopefully you will be able to obtain the Zephyr in due time.

  2. A blitz of emails to the company (..and maybe just perhaps a strongarm influence…) finally yielded a response. The order was lost, but is now supposed to be underway via overnight shipping (paid for by Spar). It sound like the launch of the product has been fast and furious for a small company, I’m reserving hope that this all work out. Encouraging.

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