Sealander Schwimmcaravan lets you travel like a boss


Ever wondered what would happen when someone says, “whatever floats your boat”, and you shoot back with “You mean, my caravan”, only to receive a flabbergasted look on the other person’s face? Well, you sure as heck did not lose a screw somewhere, but rather, you are a proud owner of the Sealander Schwimmcaravan, although bringing this puppy home by road or through the river would have also emptied your bank account of £15,000 in the process. The Sealander Schwimmcaravan is a clever fusion of a boat and a caravan, where this German-made (where else) camping trailer is one of the more unique amphibious vehicles around.

Just bear in mind that you are not going to cross continents with this anytime soon and discover a new world somewhere else – the Sealander Schwimmcaravan is meant for use on shallow inland stretches only. It has all the creature comforts that you need, sporting a removable roof, a cooking-washing module, cooler, heater, table and two benches, and a bathroom among others.

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