Your perfect manly gift is here with the Mo-Tool

by Mark R

Some people are really hard to shop for when it comes to the holidays, but for those who are into the outdoors, tools, or just plain survival might be interested in the Mo-Tool.

I am guessing that the name is some sort of quasi-abbreviation for More Tools, and this certain has tools, in spades. This is essentially a Swiss Army knife taken to the next level. It looks like someone has decided against the model of the multifunctional knife and started with an axe.

Yes, an axe with a hammer on one side. It also has screwdrivers, knives, wire-cutter, can opener, file, not to mention a wrench. So, if you are trapped on a deserted island and could only one thing, what would you bring? Yeah, that Tom Hanks in Cast Away would have built himself a yacht to get off that deserted island if he had one of those.

Perhaps if the non-action of Cast Away wasn’t your cup of tea, then you might want to include a Mo-Tool in the next action film. I can totally see some big action hero taking out a whole army of zombies or robots with just one Mo-Tool.

You should be able to purchase the Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool on Amazon, but it isn’t available as yet, so I don’t have a price.


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