Portal 2 Plush Turret has sound effects


When it comes to video games, another stream of revenue would be the sales of merchandise – I mean, just take a look at the Angry Birds franchise which has done extremely well to date across most mobile platforms, not to mention making its way to the desktop as well. While the game might be free for Android and iPhone users will need to fork out a nominal sum for it, the release of an Angry Birds cookbook, plush toys and even knock-down toys from Mattel have proved to be quite the commercial masterstroke. Portal 2, with its fair following of fans as well, will also jump aboard the merchandise bandwagon with the $34.99 Portal 2 Plush Turret.

Complete with sound effects, this 14.5″ high collectible will be powered by a trio of AAA batteries, so you need not worry about getting radiation poisoning from devices and products that hail from the future. It has a glowing eye just like in the game itself, and converses in a similar vein as that of a proper sentry turret. Sorry, there are no dual machine guns that work included, but at least whenever its built-in motion detector picks up some motion, it will say phrases like, “Target acquired”, “There you are”, “I see you”, “Preparing to dispense product” and “Activated”.

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