The Doctor’s Nano-Recorder


You know how it is like when you want to remember something – instead of writing it down on a notepad with a pen or pencil, you can do so with a voice recorder. It surely is far more beneficial since it can be proof in the court of law that the person actually said so, not to mention you get to relive the moment aurally since every single intonation and word is recorded for all posterity. Well, the $29.99 The Doctor’s Nano-Recorder might be something that you would want to look into if you are a huge Dr. Who fan.

It definitely is not a professional device, it can record and play back messages of up to 10 seconds in length – so surely this is not something that you would want to bring into a lecture theatre, but at least you know it can be the perfect accessory for a River Song costume. Seems to be more of a costume accessory in terms of aesthetics than to be a constant companion for those suffering from memory lapses.

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