iMobifone hits the US


It goes without saying that even though there are reports of cell phone radiation being a possibility of a cancer risk, no one is going to ditch their handsets anytime soon. After all, the phone has already turned into an indispensable everyday tool, where it holds your wallet (for some countries that have systems which support a mobile wallet idea), not to mention is your calculator, pedometer, carries your grocery store list, tells you the weather, stashes your email, and many more – it really depends on the kind of apps that you install on the handset.

Having said that, surely you would have spent far more time on your smartphone than you would have on a regular feature phone (which was the only choice back then, really) back in, say, 1995. Well, if you still have some second thoughts about whether you might just grow another appendage due to the amount of time spent talking on your latest Android smartphone, then perhaps it is time you checked out the iMobifone.

Yes sir, this is one of the latest accessories in the phone market that intends to decrease health risk, not to mention enhance your phone experience. Heck, even Alexander Graham Bell in all of his genius would surely have overlooked the possibility of such an accessory, which after all, will also pay homage to his invention? Retailing for a mere $24.95, the iMobifone was specially designed to protect your brain from the alleged harmful radiation, where it will come in a retro landline handset as well as a cord that connects it to just about any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The iMobifone will also come with an adjustable belt holder so that you are able to keep the handset safe and sound, letting you whip it up in a jiffy if you have to attend to an urgent and important call that very moment. Not only that, you can also opt to color co-ordinate it with the rest of your wardrobe, since the colors black, silver, red, pink, and blue are there for you to choose from.

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