Ghost Lamps add a dash of eerie to your living room


One quick glance at the $9.99 Ghost Lamp, and surely the name “Pac-Man” would run across your mind. After all, who can forget those cute little ghosts going around the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man before he gobbles up all those little pills littered throughout the maze. I like the eerie glow that comes out from each of these Ghost Lamps – you can choose from blue, yellow, red or white shades, so choose carefully as different shades will most probably result in varying settings.

The Ghost Lamp here comes with a built-in light sensor, so that you can also do your bit in saving electricity whenever you aren’t around your desk. Tethered to your computer via USB (from whence it will also receive its power), this is one ghost that won’t venture too far, since it is limited by a cable that measures around 3.35″. Time to wear the Pac-Man plush hat and make a nuisance of yourself around the office!

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