Advanced Acrobatic Robot


A robot that is capable of performing acrobatics? Well, isn’t that a dear, but you would need deep pockets though if you want to pick up the $2,400 Advanced Acrobatic Robot from Hammacher. This advanced piece of robotics is not something I would recommend you purchase for a 5-year old who will probably trash it in no time, making you wonder why didn’t you get something tougher and far cheaper instead. No sir, this robot is capable of displaying an acrobatic repertoire of 75 moves, where among them include somersaults, backflips, and even to showcase his solo air guitar performance. There is a 60 MHz microcontroller inside to help the robot get around, while 17 servos will combine to work in unison alongside an included gyro sensor and accelerometer to help it maintain its balance and stability.

You will be able to command it using the included wireless gamepad remote control, and considering how precise the points of articulation in its neck, arms, hands, legs, and feet are, this little robot that could can be commanded to pick up and hold objects with its hands, perform a soccer kick (with a ball that small, too, I suppose), or punch the air as though it was about to do a Van Damme or Bruce Lee stance. A 3-hour charge results in 40 minutes of non-stop action. Anyone interested?

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