Time Command Mini from Stem Innovation

by Mark R

This is the Time Command Mini by Stem Innovation, makers of the iZON Remote Room Monitor for iDevices. The Time Command Mini is also made for iDevices, and normal docks are just accommodating for the iPod and iPhone. This one will hold the iPad. To me, I think that this is a very important feature.

I got a chance to try it out for myself, and I was pretty amazed at the sound. The official site states that “don’t let the small footprint fool you”, and that also applies to the big sound coming from its small size.

The Time Command Mini is really designed for those who have an iPod/iPhone dock by their bed and use it as an alarm clock. Once an iDevice is connected to the Time Command Mini, the time on the clock syncs with the time on the iDevice. This is very cool.

The user has a chance to download an app known as Stem:Connect. The App allows for customizing multiple alarms and saving them for use at any time. You can also choose from custom alarm tones or music, and many other features as well.

All in all, the Time Command Mini from Stem Innovation is quite an iDock. You should be able to purchase it from the Stem Innovation site for about $79.95.

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