Emulator DJ comes in different sizes


You might be a really nimble DJ with your fingers dancing all across the console to send the crowd at the party wild with your brand of music, but here is the Emulator DJ that will intend to have you be seen by the adoring masses. OK, so that might be a wee bit too farfetched, but if you want to add a slice of visual action to your music mixing abilities, then you might want to consider the Emulator DJ. Coming in three sizes – 32″, 42″ and 46″ which will retail for £4,300, £4,700 and £5,600, respectively, this is a massive see-through touchscreen mixing desk that is guaranteed to turn heads at any party.

Carrying just about anything and everything that a DJ would need or ask for on a touch-sensitive table, the Emulator DJ will comprise of toughened glass so that it won’t crack all too easily under the weight of expectations by the crowd, where you craft your mix, throw in your fair share of effects, cue new tunes as well as come up with new ones on the spot. The advanced multitouch software will also allow you to fade between tracks with but a single hand, letting you use the other to churn out effects.

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