Displair allows for images to be displayed and manipulated on a fogscreen

I probably should be talking about what deals are going down on Black Friday, but honestly, there are just way too many doorbusters. I would rather take some time on the day after Thanksgiving covering some cool new technology like the Displair.
The Displair is essentially a projected display that shines on a “curtain of cold fog” instead of a wall. Not only that, the user can interact with the images like enlarging and shrinking with hand gestures that are picked up with an infrared camera.
You can watch a video after the jump to see how it works, and you can see that it is quite similar to a Kinect. It is designed by Maxim Kamanin, and he plans to create displays as large as 140 inches for advertising, home entertainment, or even in the field of medicine.
Of course, this wouldn’t be a report on conceptual technology without a Minority Report reference, and this Displair is similar to the scene where Tom Cruise looks at videos of his lost son and ex-wife.
So, is it possible that we could have a Displair in every house? Well, that depends. Do you really want a fog machine creating a curtain in your house?