Special edition TankBot delivers battle mode

Just how much time do you spend gaming on your Android-powered device or your iPhone? If you took stock of the situation and realized that gaming takes up the largest chunk of your time on your smartphone instead of making phone calls, sending text messages and replying emails, then you might either want to consider getting a dedicated portable gaming device like the Nintendo 3DS or the upcoming PlayStation Vita, or to take things on your mobile device to the next level with a special edition version of the TankBot.
Desk Pets International Limited has just introduced this new special edition TankBot that cannot be found anywhere else apart from Brookstone stores. Having picked up Popular Science‚Äôs Best of Toy Fair 2011 award, the TankBot will feature a trio of interactive modes that enables you to let it navigate through mazes, roam around freely, or be controlled by your Apple iOS or Android mobile device. When the words “special edition” are thrown into the mix, the TankBot is transformed into a little tank that has a battle mode, letting you “fire” imaginary shells via infrared between tanks.

Just how much are you expected to fork out for the special edition TankBot? We are looking at a $24.99 price point, and knowing that you will need at least a couple of these to have some mayhem and fun, then you would have to spend $50 at the very least – but of course, the more, the merrier. The interactive battle mode might soon be the conflict resolution method of choice among geeky colleagues, or someone could start a TankBot league to stave the beast of boredom away. Each defeated TankBot will be disabled (temporarily), designating the shooter as the winner. Now this is definitely a new take when it comes to remote controlled toys – just which smartphone will you use to play it?