Bionic contact lens sends emails right to your eyes


I myself am still rather apprehensive when it comes to wearing a pair of contact lenses, as I still feel that there is something in there which I just need to remove. I guess it will take some time to get used to it compared to those who have worn contacts since time immemorial, but here is a cool idea – what if the contact lens of the future is injected with technology that we never would have thought existed? I’m talking about a pair of bionic contact lens that is capable of projecting emails before your very eyes.

Yes sir, the whole idea of this particular pair of contact lenses is to stream real-time information right to the front of your eyes, and initial tests in animal trials have proved successful according to the scientists behind the project. Imagine wearing your contact lens and reading floating texts as well as e-mails that fly into your inbox without missing a beat, or perhaps even augmenting your sight using computer-generated images just like in the movie Terminator.

So far, early tests point towards this device being safe and feasible – although I am quite sure that folks at the University of Washington in Seattle will still need to run a battery of further tests to make sure it is really good to go across a wide spectrum of users. Of course, one of the biggest headaches with this project would be to locate a decent power source – something that has yet to be discovered.

At the moment, this crude prototype device will work only if it remains within centimetres of the wireless battery from where it draws its power from, and the microcircuitry within is only enough for a single light-emitting diode (LED) – guess that isn’t good enough to play games on it just yet, far from it in fact. I can’t wait to see further advancements made in this area, and who knows, it might just elevate video gaming to a totally different level.


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