XtremeMac Tango Bar arrives at the US


I know that most of us who use Apple products have more than just a solitary Apple device in our homes – we will rock to the iPhone, while carrying an iPad or a MacBook Air around for our daily computing needs. As for folks who use Apple desktops, the entire user experience can definitely be enhanced with a superior audio system, but for some of us, we hardly pay attention to this department since most of the time, we prefer to work silently (or use a pair of headphones when tuning in to our favorite Internet radio stations). Well, if you feel that your life needs a little “Ooomph!” at the desk, perhaps you might want to consider the XtremeMac Tango Bar.

The XtremeMac Tango Bar is a powerful 10 watt amplified USB-powered sound bar that will come in a sleek and stylish design without sacrificing on audio quality. Touted to be able to enhance audio from any computer (it will play nice with both Mac and Windows) thanks to its cutting edge technology, it is said that the Tango Bar is capable of delivering double the output compared to most traditional USB speakers.

With a six speaker configuration that boasts of dual dome tweeters, midrange/bass drivers and passive radiators, XtremeMac hopes that this will translate to a “best in class” audio situation. The Tango Bar itself will come in a clean and modern design, offering a no-brainer plug and play USB connection, and an amber backlit volume control so that you can adjust the volume easily while working with all the lights off at the office.

Designed in such a way where it can fit perfectly below an iMac or Apple Cinema Display, this solitary USB connection that targets both power and audio is capable of cleaning up any workstation area by making sure the amount of cord clutter is reduced. Other connectivity options include a headphone output, line-in jack and optional sub-out port for an additional subwoofer. Expect to fork out $99.99 a pop for the XtremeMac Tango Bar if your ears are interested.

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