Photo Cube Smartphone Printer

Having a printer that churns out photos are a snap – but how many of us actually bother to purchase a portable photo printer for that purpose? The £119.99 Photo Cube Smartphone Printer comes into mind here, where it will rely on dye sublimation to deliver high quality prints which will certainly be able to rival those photo printing kiosks that you insert your memory card from a camera or phone into and get your favorite images out. It does not matter whether you are printing them straight from your iPad, iPhone or Android-powered device, it will still be able to get the job done.
Of course, don’t expect it to churn out anything more than glossy 6 x 4″ prints, as you have to bear in mind that this is a device that measures a highly diminutive 17.5cm x 15cm, making it far smaller compared to the average home printer. Heck, the footprint of it is tiny enough to fit on any office desk or workstation. Either the iPhone or iPod will be plugged in the top, or you can opt to connect an iPad or Android device through USB. Heck, it also doubles up as a device charger when your gizmos are plugged in. Each compact cartridge will be able to churn out 36 colorful prints, and when there is no more paper left, just swap the cartridge for a new one and you’re good to go.