Star Wars Death Star Electronic Attack Shirt


The Death Star is one of the most feared “weapons” in the hand of the Galactic Republic – I mean, something as large as a moon which could destroy an entire planet with a single blast of energy? I wonder what kind of fuel that puppy runs on, certainly nuclear is not the way to go considering the amount of juice it pumps out to obliterate a planet. Wear this symbol of fear on your chest with the $29.99 Star Wars Death Star Electronic Attack Shirt – where it will work out a blast sequence that includes the superlaser power-up and fire.

Glowing EL technology and an embedded white LED will be there for added final blast effects, and no pixie dust is used to get the sound out, as a wired speaker box does the job just as well, albeit it is hidden inside the shirt or it can be stored in your pocket. Powered by a quartet of AAA batteries, I am not sure how many blasts that would take before the batteries run out of power.

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