Beast Or Buddy Shooting Gallery


Friend or foe? That is a question that some of us ask whenever you step into a new office or environment, and people start shaking hands with us during the introductory round. Here is a little “game” that you can play if you want to – the $49.95 Beast Or Buddy Shooting Gallery will challenge your reflexes (and perhaps show off your true colors at the same time) as you must quickly hit a trio of rotating targets using a harmless infrared gun.

All three two-sided targets will rotate randomly thanks to an infrared-sensing base, where it will reveal itself to be either an image of a wolf, bear, or mountain lion, while there is a fellow hunter on the reverse of each. The whole idea of this “game” is to collect as many points as possible in a minute, where you are supposed to shoot prey using the infrared gun, where it will make a “reloading” sound when you pump it.

A trio of modes are available to decrease a target’s exposure, so you need lightning quick reflexes and a fast mind. All accurate shots will be rewarded with a howl, growl, or hiss, and the LED counter will keep the score.

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