Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV – not for your regular millionaire


You know you’ve arrived on the world stage when everywhere you fly would be First Class, while you stay in hotels that have at least a 5-star rating, and do not do your own laundry or pick up after your socks. Not only that, driving a Ferrari is passe for you, been there, done that, and you constantly monitor your cash flow as well as investments to make sure that the volatile market does not eat into your retirement fund.

Well, since traveling around the world is your passion, surely you would need a more comfortable ride to bring you and the family along – so why not spoil yourself silly? I’m talking about the £1,900,000 Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV – yes sir, being a millionaire does not qualify you, but a multi-millionaire would definitely will.

The Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV is certainly a jaw dropping set of wheels, where you get this 40 foot long of what some deem to be a luxurious room that is on-the-go. Austrian company Marchi Mobile is the mastermind behind this vehicle, where it has high specifications in terms of make and fittings. For starters, the pop-up roof terrace measures a whopping 215 sq. ft, where there is also underfloor heating as well as a bar so that you can stop for a drink at your own convenience. Getting over bridges might be a wee bit tricky though, since this 20-ton behemoth is no featherweight. At least all that tonnage equals to a monstrous master bedroom with a 40″ TV complete with a state of the art en suite bathroom that has a rainfall shower. Heck, even the driver you employ has a bunk bed to call his own – certainly with all that obscene wealth, you’re not going to drive this thing yourself, are you? That would just be beneath your station in life.

The mileage is going to get you very poor returns though – I guess that is the only ugly bit about the Marchi Mobile eleMMent RV. Sporting a 510bhp engine underneath the hood, it is capable of going up to 93mph, so that means its brakes are definitely going to have some really, really serious stopping power. With a mileage rating of just 13mpg, I guess it will not matter that much since those who can afford this puppy will definitely find fluctuations in the gas prices at the pumps to be nothing but of an annoyance. Marchi Mobile says that will most probably produce about five a year – I wonder which roads around the world can support this RV?

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Jamie Says: November 20, 2011 at 5:14 am

i just clicked the link… free delivery! i should ruddy well think so!!!!

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