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I know that time can be measured, where for the most of us, it is displayed on the watch that we wear on our wrists. While analog watches did once lose out in popularity to digital models in the past, they have sort of made a comeback over the years. Old is gold, I guess, and this saying holds true for watches. Cadence intends to engage the more cerebral purchasers out there with their latest timepiece after hiring Chris Thompson, the Math Clock designer, as the company’s Creative Director.

One of Thompson’s most famous feats would be his design of the Math Clock, where each numeral that denotes the hour is replaced with equivalent mathematical notations for that added bit of fun. Who says science and art cannot get along together? It is Thompson’s love of mathematics and which actually sparked off his inspiration for the first design that he has conjured for Cadence. Similar in some ways to the Math Clock, Chris intends to design a watch which will resonate with mathematic geeks, calling it the Radian Watch.

Needless to say, you will find the mathematical notation of pi, which is 22 divided by 7, or 3.142 (to the nearest three decimal places anyways) being one of the unsolvable mysteries. Until today, no one has completed the exact figure for pi, simply because it is impossible to, although there have been attempts in the past to write out the longest solution – and some people do make attempts to beat that record until this day.

Of course, for those who feel that you do not want to wrack your brain to figure out the time on the watch, the Cadence Radian Watch should not be an issue either, since all the relevant hour figures are marked accordingly, letting you arrive at the answer with the solution on the watch’s face itself.

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Ripley Says: November 18, 2011 at 7:49 pm

i LOVE watches. i had a collection of over 200 watches ranging from WWII USSR military to the latest star wars watch from micky-Ds. We had to move in a rush 2 years ago and the one thing that didn’t make it somehow was the box with my collection in it. in this day and age, watches just were…well, boring. the thought of replacing all those watches just seemed futile – until now. this may just start off a new collection…

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