8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath

The holiday season is upon us yet again – my, my, how fast time flies! Well, if you have been scratching your head for the longest time, wondering just how else are you going to decorate your home since the last few years have been nothing short of boring, along comes ThinkGeek with the $19.99 8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath. This is not only an old school and reusable piece of holiday decor, it also merges the old with the digital age – where flickering LEDs come in the form of golden coins to deliver your favorite 8-bit memories to the masses.
Definitely Mario fans will fall in love with this faster than those of Sonic, because there is no “golden rings” version of this puppy. Made from durable, EVA foam, it is powered by a trio of AAA batteries if you’re interested. No idea on how long the batteries will last though, but we’re thinking that rechargeables ought to make more of an impact in the long run.