Water Cannon for next summer

I guess if you happen to live in the southern hemisphere, then this £29.99 Water Cannon would definitely be your cup of tea – after all, for folks who are living in areas where the cold chill of winter is setting in, you might not want to run around outdoors soaking wet lest you catch a chill that might last you through the upcoming holiday season. We know that there are super soakers which frankly, are great if you have impeccable aim, because you would naturally run out of ammunition real fast especially if you are trigger happy and are a poor shot. Still, that beats the usual water pistol that is pathetic by today’s standards, and this Water Cannon is definite the ace up your sleeve – all you need to do is mount it on a tripod, and it will be the first water gun in the world that is hooked up directly to your garden hose, now how about that?
You will never run out of ammunition with this puppy, and with a maximum range of 100 feet, you can be sure no one would dare come near your turf – after all, this is a case of defense being the best form of offense.