Velocomp presents the iBike Workout

by Mark R

We have written about a lot of bike related things for the iDevice like the Wahoo Fitness Bike Pack. Velocomp, a sports tech company that has created of the iBike Dash cycling computer, has recently unveiled the iBike Workout.

The iBike Workout is a simple dongle designed to fit in the 32-pin connector for the iPad, and it is quite simple to download the iBike application. This allows the iPad to be used for indoor cycling training with ANT + sensors.

The iPad user can select from over 40 different power and HR workouts, and you can achieve “maximum fitness”. Man, if only I can use this with the FitDesk that I just wrote about in the last post.

In all honesty, I have not seen a lot of bike related applications for the iPad, mostly for the iPhone. I suppose that it is a matter of time before someone makes the ultimate iPad app for a bike. Perhaps this particular iBike app is going to be the one.

I don’t have any information about where to purchase this product as yet, as the iBike site doesn’t seem to have it listed as a product as yet. I do have a price, as it costs about $69.95.


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