20MPH Motorized Wheelrider


I guess you can role play as Batman with this $499.95 20MPH Motorized Wheelrider – it does look like a Batcycle at first glance, and those with a more enterprising mind and active pair of hands will definitely be able to do it up with various decals and physical mods to turn it into one lean, mean, riding machine. Whisking you along at a maximum speed of just 20mph, this is not the ride to own if you want to zip down the freeway, but rather, it is good enough to go around the neighborhood and perhaps to be the coolest paperboy in town where your ride is concerned.

Side-to-side motion of the front foot will steer the front wheel, and as your rear foot remains firmly into the driving rear wheel, the 2-horsepower, two-stroke engine will propel you along. The rear wheel’s centrifugal clutch and chain drive are controlled by you as you manipulate the tethered handheld throttle and brake. With 14″ knobby tires, it is good enough for just about any kind of terrain, regardless of whether it is packed sand, grass, dirt, or asphalt. If you place an order now, it will reach your home a good 10 days before Christmas – gonna be a bit hard hiding this under the Christmas tree though, let alone wrap it.

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