Facial Muscle Toner

I remember those old school Wrigleys chewing gum ads on the TV back when I was a wee lad, and I somehow wondered whether jogging vigorously with a wad of chewing gum inside might end up choking oneself. Well, I guess the models in there didn’t, and neither did Sir Alex Ferguson in his 25 years of management, sending instructions to his players while chewing his gum. Surely all the grinding done has toned up his facial muscles, but if you prefer to take on a more passive approach, the $219.95 Facial Muscle Toner might come in handy.
It works by emitting a harmless, mild electrical stimulation which will help tone facial muscles while reduce age lines. All these are just claimed side effects, and I guess you will need to purchase to try it out to know whether it really works as advertised or not. One thing’s for sure, at least you can rest easy knowing there is no surgical procedure to go through. The Facial Muscle Toner’s electrical stimulation is meant to penetrate deep into muscles to increase subcutaneous blood circulation and oxygenation, helping mitigate the muscular elasticity that causes skin to sag around the brow, mouth, and jawbone. It boasts up to 10 adjustable levels of intensity, and is powered by a 9-volt battery.