Swivl automated mobile device


Swivl – the name itself is very modern and forward looking, and I am happy to say that it is already available for pre-order. Just what is the Swivl? It is rather hard to tell at first glance, but this is in essence, an automated mobile device which will allow you to capture your movements on your mobile device, without having to keep your hands occupied. All you need to do is to let it hold your iPhone, iPod touch, Flip camcorder or even GoPro camera, where it will then follow both horizontally and vertically in order to maintain your presence in the frame.

This is made possible thanks to the inclusion of a sensor marker inside. As long as you own a device like an iPhone or Android handset that is under 11mm in thickness, it is good to go, while there is also a tripod option to mount pocket cameras like the Flip and GoPro. The Swivl is slightly biased towards Apple devices though, since it can be juiced when docked. Place your pre-order for one now at $159.99, where it will ship in North America from early next year onwards.

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