Pioneer SE-CL331-Y Water-resistant Earbud Headphones

by Mark R

We have reported on waterproof gadgets before, such as the Mi-Sport waterproof headphones. This is apparently Pioneer’s contribution to the waterproof headphones industry with the SE-CL331-Y water-resistant earbud headphones.

Apparently, Pioneer expects someone else to make a water-proof MP3 player or smartphone, but I suppose that you could always buy one of those waterproof protectors for your music-playing device.

Anyway, the SE-CL331-Y earbud headphones are really designed for the “active music” listener. I am assuming that refers to those who love to run in the rain or those who exercise so much that they are positively soggy with sweat. Yes, they are IPX5/IPX7 water-resistant, and is good for rain, snow, sweat, or dust. In other words, they are designed to survive life, which is what we need out of any pair of headphones in today’s market.

They have an “active, ergonomic design with 4 interchangeable ear tip sizes”, as well as a carrying case. So how do they sound? Well, I didn’t dip my head in the bathtub to listen, but I will attempt to describe the quality as 9mm noise-isolating drivers.

If you want to get into this deal, you should be able to purchase the SE-CL331-Y water-resistant earbud headphones in yellow, white, blue, and pink for a price of $59.00 at the Pioneer website.

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