Itzbeen Baby Care Timer


First time parents have plenty to think about – who does what chore, whose turn is it to get up and attend to baby, the whole works! The key to making sure you have a happy, healthy baby would be consistency, and what better way to inculcate that quality in a new set of parents than with a little bit of extra help in the form of the £24.99 Itzbeen Baby Care Timer? Yes sir, there are four easy-to-use timers available so that you have an idea on when the last nappy change happened, not to mention feeding or sending the little one off to sleep. As to how the fourth timer is used, it depends on you – perhaps you can designate it as Xbox time?

All it takes is one touch of the individual buttons, and the timer will begin in earnest. Heck, you can also opt to set alarms so that you don’t miss anything. A nightlight is built in at the top for it to cast a glow in a dark room, and the backlit LCD screen is handy whenever you wake up groggily and need to see the readings there, fast. It will run on a trio of AAA batteries and is good indefinitely as long as your baby does not throw it down to the floor, thinking it is a toy.

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