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I guess I can safely say that our brains are the best Voice to Text translator ever, but if one day should our brains (and ears) start to fail us, then there is always external help that comes in the form of machines. The $99.95 Voice To Text Translating Telephone will come in handy then, where it shows off captions of everything a caller says, letting your eyes dance over the clear, easy-to-read transcript – which eliminates those who have difficulty with their hearing faculties to be able to provide the appropriate reply. Of course, if you’re talking to someone who naturally doesn’t have very good speaking skills, then I am not quite sure whether the software will be able to decipher the words on the other end of the line.

All captions can be turned on or off at any time during the call, and this device can store up to 480 lines of text in its memory for review once you’re done with your conversation. Apart from that, you can also amplifying the call volume up to 40 dB, thanks to the adjustable tone for enhanced clarity. Have it aid your memory as well with its 97-number address book, while three speed-dial buttons help you connect to frequently called numbers with but a touch.

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Bruce Shaw Says: January 8, 2014 at 2:27 am

I’m deaf and I’ve been longing for this type of incoming voice to text application for cellphones, simular to converting your voice to send text, but I need incoming audio converted to text on a cell. I understand that tis application just came out and is available to the handicap through goverment programs but not the public, can you please help direct me to find this application, thank you, Bruce

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