Swimfin for laughs and giggles at the pool


I am quite sure that everyone has watched “Jaws” at least once in their life, and the iconic background tune that builds up a sense of tension is clearly one which is for the ages. Well, if you want to inject a sense of urgency in the pool the next time your kids jump inside, why not let them wear the £21.99 Swimfin instead? Available in blue, pink and grey colors (who has seen a pink shark?), this is not just to make your kids have super cute photos when they are still young – it is primarily an innovative strap-on buoyancy aid which will enable your little one’s arms and shoulders to move about freely, so that they will be able to develop a natural swimming style.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with this – after all, it was created by UK swimming instructor Kevin Moseley, and whenever your kid is confident enough, the Swimfin can be removed as they attempt to keep themselves afloat with the techniques learnt.

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