BlackBerry Playbook Ballistic Tough Jacket Series Case

by Mark R

Just for the record, we have reported on Ballistic’s BlackBerry tablet case before, but this time, I got to try it out. I have tried out products from Ballistic before with the HC case for the iPhone 4, and that had about 5 layers of protection.

The Ballistic TJ, or Tough Jacket, has four layers of protection to protect the BlackBerry Playbook. The first is the inner silicone layer that absorbs shock. The second is the impact-resistant hard plastic, and the third is a shock absorbent polymer layer.

As for the fourth layer, it is a snap-on cover that can be used on the front and the back. When used on the back, it has a fold-down kickstand for when you want to watch content in landscape mode.

It also has some trademarked Ballistic Corners which help to absorb even more shocks from corner drops. As you might have guessed, the company loves these corners, as it says that “all four corners have extra shock absorption where you need it the most”!

I will have to admit that Ballistic has a winner with this one. They have protection for all kinds of products, and I hope they have one for the tablet that I intend to buy soon.

You should be able to purchase the Ballistic Tough Jacket for the BlackBerry Playbook on the official Ballistic website for about $69.99 in black/black as well as black/red. While you are there, check out what other devices that Ballistic is offering protection to.

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