Strumdrumano takes on a multi-tasking role


The $69.95 Strumdrumano is a poster boy for a convergence device – especially when this musical toy will merge the functions of a simple guitar, a drum set as well as a 24-key piano, all crammed into a single device. When you extend the folding neck, the toy is transformed into an easy-to-play guitar, sporting five buttons on the fret board, while a “strum bar” will play notes in five styles that range from electric rock to country and heavy metal. Want to make a sound sustain itself? That’s simple, just modulate it with the whammy bar, or embellish in a “riff” mode for impressive trills and arpeggios.

Whenever the neck is folded away, little ones are able to either drum away on the quartet of percussive sound effect pads, or flip open the back in order to show off a hidden piano that can churn out tunes in classic, organ, or synthesizer sound modes. Regardless of how young or old a musician you are, the Strumdrumano is perfect to create your very own masterpieces, and you can even play along with your favorite tunes simply by attaching an MP3 player.

Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, we would recommend you get rechargeables to keep in going in the long run with an environmentally friendly view.

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