Vertex Headphones, with Mic, from iFrogz

by Mark R

I have tried out headphones from iFrogz, such as the Mogul and the Ear Pollution CS40. The Vertex, named from a principle in physics when particles collide, is one of their newest.

Like the two aforementioned models from iFrogz, the Vertex has some cushioned ear cushions, which I believe is a company exclusive feature. It feels like a pillow on each ear, so it is quite comfortable. The sound is good with full-spectrum 40 mm speaker drivers, and it is also good ergonomically.

The Vertex also reminds me of the SuperBeam Headset SB-405 that I reviewed last week. The reason why is because there is an in-line microphone, but there is only one of them. Also, it isn’t on the earcups themselves, but on the wire.

I am guessing that both the SuperBeam SB-405 and the Vertex are setting a standard in headsets that require them to come with a microphone. I guess more and more people are using their headphones with their smartphones, and have to constantly put their music on pause in order to take phone calls. It just makes sense, really.

You should be able to get the Vertex with Mic on the iFrogz website for about $49.99, in colors of Iron along with Black with Red.

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