Radiator Booster Mk3 for a warmer winter


Winter will be upon us yet again in the northern hemisphere (oh how fast does time fly!), and you can bet your bottom dollar that more and more devices will be released that will have something to do with warming people up, or at least making sure heat is not lost. Firebox plays their part with the 24.99 Radiator Booster Mk3, and the name itself more or less gives the game away. Just what does the Radiator Booster Mk3 do? For starters, this patented device will rely on a seemingly simple but highly effective technology that will maximize the efficiency of radiators.

As we all know, running a heater during winter does add up to the monthly power bill by quite a large amount, so to maximize whatever heat you’re getting makes perfect sense since it would also maintain a certain weight in your wallet at the end of the month instead of literally burning up all that money. All you need to do is place the Radiator Booster Mk3 on top of your radiator and see the device ‘suck up’ lost heat from the back of the radiator, recirculating it gently around the room after that. The level of efficiency enables it to lower your thermostat by 1 to 3 degrees Celsius just in case you were wondering.

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