Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug


You know the drill – most of the time during your mornings when you find it really difficult to get those eyelids open and stay awake, there is either the colleague whom you have a vendetta with to walk by and snap you into consciousness so that you will keep your guard up, or for the majority of us, a piping hot cup of your favorite brew will also do. Unfortunately, the mugs which our coffee come in tend to lose heat far faster than what most of us would like – and toting around a thermos might not look cool at all.

Check out the $24.99 Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug that might just make your day even better than it already is – you fill up the Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug with your favorite brew, head out to the car after giving a goodbye kiss to the missus, and plug the mug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. This 12v outlet will ensure your coffee remains at an optimum temperature all the way through the gnarling rush hour traffic, and you can step into the office with a skip that would make your colleagues wonder just what did you put in your coffee. Your answer? It is more of where you put your coffee. The analog temperature gauge adds a dash of class, and there is always the on/off toggle switch to get you started.

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