Let music (and speakers) rock your world


Do you have a huge collection of music that you cannot wait to share with the rest of the world? Of course you can always force your friends to drop by your place and tie them up in some chair while letting them hear your favorite tunes, or you can always subtly draw them into your favorite tracks with a good set of speakers. Rock solid speakers, actually, and Audiomasons Design Works’ offerings are literally that – where the speakers are carved out of big blocks of Indiana limestone.

Speakers that are cut from a single piece of rock? Now this is something of a novelty to me, and it will certainly raise eyebrows whenever visitors drop by your home. After all, sweeping the underside of these speakers aren’t going to be an easy task, as I suspect they will be heavier than your average plastic-clad speakers, don’t you think so? There are three models for you to choose from, where each of these speakers will weigh around 40 pounds, and depending on where you look, they retail anywhere from $995 to $1,950 per pair. You can now literally rock around the clock thanks to Audiomasons Design Works!


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