Soundfreaq rolls out Sound Stack

The Soundfreaq Sound Stack is yet another player to join the wireless speaker movement, although this particular model has been augmented by the inclusion of DubSub technology which we will look at in closer detail after the jump. At the moment, here are some details on the Sound Stack – it has been touted to be the company’s latest and largest Hi-Fi wireless speaker to date, and is also the third Bluetooth home speaker under the Soundfreaq umbrella to keep the highly acclaimed Sound Platform, Sound Step and Sound Step Recharge company.
Specially designed and developed for audiophiles, Sound Stack is said to have captured the nuance of every note, while complementing every genre of music at virtually any volume. Well, without much further ado, let us delve into what the Sound Stack offers right out of the box.

For starters, Sound Stack will come with DubSub, which is a special 2.2 speaker configuration that will pair a couple of full-range drivers alongside an equal number of active subwoofers. DubSub technology when merged with custom-engineered Kevlar-reinforced drivers, a tuned triple-ported housing and Soundfreaq’s proprietary UQ3 spatial sound enhancement, is said to deliver a totally new level of acoustic innovation that cannot be found on your typical speaker dock. It is said that Sound Stack can deliver power to fill even the biggest room in your home, without sacrificing on clarity and fidelity. Of course, I would think that this claim caters for the ordinary folk, as others from a more privileged class and live in mansions might think this is not the bee’s knees at all, but rather, far from it simply because their rooms are humongous.
Just like all the other offerings from Soundfreaq, the Sound Stack will enable users to stream music sans wireless from any Bluetooth compatible device such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Blackberry smartphones. Not only that, the Sound Stack will also let you dock and juice up your iDevices, while other non-Apple players can always rely on the handy universal USB-charging port. Soundfreaq has slapped a $399 price point for this puppy – are you willing to give it a go?